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Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets are 100% virgin hardwood, contain no fillers, and are always 100% the specified species. Competitors will use a neutral wood, such as alder and oak, to create a low cost ‘blended’ pellet. At the same time these competitors can offer a ‘premium’ fee for those wanting to purchase pure pellets.

Produced by Kirtland Products, LLC in Boyne City, Michigan, Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets utilizes dark, sweet cherry trees from upper Michigan cherry orchards and upper Michigan sugar maples to create the finest possible flavor blends. Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets also takes the extra step to remove heavy, outer bark while leaving the cambium flavor layer to produce a high quality, lower ash BBQ pellet that burns clean and provides a full, rich flavor.

Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets are available in flavors that infuse your foods with the delicious smoky flavor profiles desired by BBQ enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you desire the light sweet smoke flavor of cherry, the mild smooth smoke flavor of the mighty oak, or the deep rich smoke flavor of hickory, Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets has what you want.

All the wood used in Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets is locally sourced in cooperation with foresters committed to the sustainability of our natural resources. 

Southwest BBQ Pellets is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, so we are proud to be able to offer the highest quality premium wood grilling pellets as an authorized dealer of Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets.

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